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We are thankful for those who have made an estate gift to CARE. Here are their stories.

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Nancy Leginski - Charitable Gift Annuity

Nancy Leginski was born and raised in Chicago and continues to live in her family's home. She attended Mundelein College where she majored in French. In 1962, upon graduation, Nancy was hired by the United Nations and moved to New York. She worked there until she joined UNESCO and moved again to Paris.

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Albert Petschel - A CARE Donor Story

The Petschel family originally moved from Germany to Yugoslavia in 1783. The Austrian government offered people tracts of land for people to farm and, although it was swampy and required a great deal of work, the Petschel family drained it and grew corn, wheat and hemp.

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Bobbie Lord - Gift Annuity

Bobbie was born in Portland, Maine. While young, her family traveled extensively. She attended Goucher College where she majored in child development.

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Eileen Augustyn - Increasing Your Income

Eileen Augustyn was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois. Against her mother's wishes, she married at age 19. In 1952, her husband was in a severe accident at the research center where he worked and became a partial paraplegic.

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Helga Arndt - Gift Annuity

What was it like to live in Germany during World War II? What was it like to receive a CARE package after the war ended? Helga Arndt, a planned giving donor, shares her experience.

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Albert Podell - Bequests

Albert Podell is a former magazine editor, advertising executive, trial attorney, and documentary film producer and director who has had a decades-long relationship with CARE.

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Peter and Mary Fran Libassi - Charitable Gift Annuity

Peter and Mary Fran Libassi give new meaning to the word philanthropist! They have generously supported many causes that are important to them, including several endowed funds, donations of historic books and papers from Peter's career, and a significant charitable gift annuity for CARE.

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Dr. Robert P. Burchard - Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Dr. Burchard was born in Manhattan and grew up in New Jersey. He received his bachelor's and master's degrees from Brown University and then received his Ph.D. in microbiology from the University of Minnesota.

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Martha Corkran - Bequests

Martha Corkran was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Her father's mother was raised in Great Britain and came to the United States as a teenager. Martha and her family had other family members who stayed in Great Britain through WWII and that is how Martha came to know about CARE packages.

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Nancy Kaehr - Endowment Gifts

When people at CARE think of Nancy Olmsted Kaehr, they instantly think of her radiant smile, her sincere warmth and her whimsical spirit. Nancy, who passed away in October 2018, was one of those rare individuals whose reverence for nature was demonstrated by her delight in humankind and her work to make the world a better place.

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Frank Babka - Beneficiary Designation

Frank Babka was born in Kewanee, Illinois. His parents, Ed and Virginia, founded Babka Publishing Co. in 1957 and shortly thereafter published their first publication, "The Antique Trader", choosing the topic because of Frank's mother's passion for collecting antiques.

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Marlene Mahta - Using a Beneficiary Designation to Make a Gift to CARE

Without CARE Packages I would not be here today. The packages contained wonderful gifts, like milk powder, flour, etc. which were a godsend to the starving, ragged German civilian population and the refugees from many Eastern European countries after WWII as I grew up in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, which was destroyed.

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Karen and Jay Eubanks

"I learned from my parents to pitch in and give back," says Karen Eubanks. "Although early in our life together, Jay and I didn't have much."

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