Peter and Mary Fran Libassi - Charitable Gift Annuity

Peter and Mary Fran LibassiPeter and Mary Fran Libassi give new meaning to the word philanthropist! They have generously supported many causes that are important to them, including several endowed funds, donations of historic books and papers from Peter's career, and a significant charitable gift annuity for CARE.

Both in their late 80s, the Libassis appreciate how CARE has, as they put it, "reinvented itself" over the decades since they sent their first CARE Package overseas. "I look forward to seeing what they're doing," Peter says. "We're always pleased and excited about everything we read - and everything that CARE is accomplishing to create change in the world. No matter what your interest is, there's always a CARE project that someone is working on."

Adds Mary Fran, "My husband and I are very interested in strengthening the role of women in society and recognize the profound way in which they can and are making a contribution. The fact that CARE provides opportunities to women in the world will always resonate with me. I want them to have some of the opportunities that I've had in my life."

Now, through their generous annual gifts to CARE - and their Charitable Gift Annuity - the Libassis are leaving a legacy of hope to people who are struggling. "You read the paper every day and realize that the world cries out for the help CARE provides," says Peter. "In a way, we're fortunate to have CARE present us with challenges that we can address. We have such amazing wealth here in America and it's a privilege to help others."

"We fundamentally believe in what CARE is doing. Since the beginning, they have been a wonderful organization - doing just the kind of work that we want to support. The ability to provide them with a sizeable gift is wonderful."