The Thomas L. Williams Legacy Society

Thomas Lyle Williams created the Maybelline Company in 1915 and grew it into one of the country's most iconic brands. When he sold the company in 1967, he established a trust to provide annual support for CARE. His trust continues to provide vital and sustainable funds for CARE each year. In honor of his unparalleled generosity and foresight, The Thomas L. Williams Legacy Society serves as a reminder of the importance of creating a legacy that allows us to live on into the future while continuing to help others around the world. The generosity and vision of the members of the Society ensures that CARE continues its outstanding work to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice around the world.

Exclusive membership in The Thomas L. Williams Legacy Society is offered to our most loyal donors who include us in their estate planning. As a member, you will receive special recognition for your generosity, as well as:

  • Invitations to exclusive regional events in your area, as well as informative webinars
  • Access to insider briefs from CARE President and CEO, Michelle Nunn
  • Opportunities to travel with CARE Journeys and see our work firsthand
  • Legacy Society impact letters showing the difference a planned gift can make
  • Your generosity will be recognized publicly on our Legacy Society web page and in our Annual Report

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