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Climate Change Leaves 1.6M in Mozambique in Need of Urgent Assistance
MAPUTO (November 12, 2019) - At least 1.6 million people in the central and southern parts of Mozambique are presently in need of assistance due to the devastating effects of the ongoing drought and increasingly severe weather events. Mozambique is one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to natural disasters and climate change.

The severe food shortage is taking a heavy toll, especially on children under the age of five years, with some 67,500 children facing acute malnutrition. Crops are failing; communities do not have enough food to eat, and cannot produce enough to sell. There is a high risk of negative coping mechanisms. The country is still reeling from the devastating effects of two major cyclones, Cyclone Idai in the central-eastern parts, and Cyclone Kenneth in the northern parts of the country, which hit the country earlier this year.

In response, CARE is planning to distribute drought-resistant seeds and tools, as well as deliver basic training in improved agricultural practices to combat the effects of the climate crisis, in several districts of Sofala and Inhambane provinces.