Nancy Leginski - Charitable Gift Annuity

Nancy LeginskiNancy Leginski was born and raised in Chicago and continues to live in her family's home. She attended Mundelein College where she majored in French. In 1962, upon graduation, Nancy was hired by the United Nations and moved to New York. She worked there until she joined UNESCO and moved again to Paris.

She met her husband, an electrical engineer, and they were married for over 35 years. They first learned of CARE's work about seventeen years ago and Nancy was impressed by CARE's excellent reputation. She felt it was a good organization to be associated with and she worked with the staff to establish a charitable gift annuity that would provide her with income for the rest of her life. She continues to enjoy receiving her check on time each month!

Today, Nancy is involved with various activities through the Sulzer Library's Forward Chicago group. She also stays busy with the rich and varied gardens that surround her home.

When asked what she hopes for CARE in the future, Nancy responded, "I hope you just keep doing what you do so that the next generation of children have opportunities."