Martha Corkran - Bequests

Martha CorkranMartha Corkran was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Her father's mother was raised in Great Britain and came to the United States as a teenager. Martha and her family had other family members who stayed in Great Britain through WWII and that is how Martha came to know about CARE packages. Martha remembers her mother and father putting CARE packages together with ham, jellies, and chocolate.

During the war, Martha volunteered in local hospitals as a "candy striper" because so many of the women were working in defense to help with the war. She was eleven years old when Pearl Harbor was attacked. They got their news by going to the movies to get updates. One day, when she was fifteen, she heard on the radio that the war was over and ran out to tell her father.

For years, Martha donated her bridge winnings to CARE and has included a gift in her will.